SlimCOOL is climate-neutral – for a better environment – and supports forest conservation projects in Papua New Guinea

We at pervormance international are not actually the typical “model Greens”, but we are just normal women like you and me. But we still care about our environment. After all, we all have children who should live in a healthy environment. After our neighbor introduced us to the topic of climate neutrality back in 2013, we immediately decided for ourselves: We’ll do it. Which was not that easy. We had to research and declare every gram of CO2 that we produced in any way or blew out on the road in our cars and have it calculated by a competent climate agency. This resulted in quite a few things. For Example, we produced 123,460 kg of CO2 in 2018. This amount was then offset with a gold standard climate protection project in Papua New Guinea. This means that every time you buy a pack of our SlimCOOL products, you are supporting forest protection in this island state that is severely affected by climate change. The islands that are under existential threat from rising sea levels, such as Papua New Guinea, received political support from US President Obama at the UN Climate Summit in 2015. “If the weather pattern changes, we could end up having to deal with tens of millions of climate refugees,” he said at the time. Unfortunately, not much positive has happened since then.

Sea levels are rising particularly sharply on the coasts of the southwest Pacific island state of Papua New Guinea. Floods increase, harvests are destroyed, malaria spreads. That’s why we want to support the country locally and do something for the environment.

That is why our company is also a member of the UN Global Compact of the United Nations and winner of the Climate Protection Prize of the Senate of Economy. We also support the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative for children and young people in their goal of planting one trillion trees by 2050.

So with SlimCOOL you not only improve your figure, but also do something for the environment.

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