The coolest abs, legs and bums program in the world

Cold makes you slim. What Hollywood stars and scientists have known for some time, Gabriele Renner and Sabine Stein put into practice. Her company has developed cooling functional clothing for slimming, which successfully reduces fatty tissue and tightens the skin. This is also confirmed by a recent scientific study.

Cooling and cryotherapy – the new mega-trend for your figure

Weight loss through cooling has been proven in international scientific studies for several years. When regulating body temperature, brown fat needs white fat as an energy source to generate heat and thus control the body’s thermoregulation at cool temperatures. Brown fat (BAT = brown adipose tissue) only becomes active through cooling and then breaks down white fat. Consequently, cold makes you slim. That’s why some Hollywood stars are already freezing in cold chambers or cryosaunas at temperatures as low as -110°C for a lot of money.

You can do it without freezing

“We can do that more comfortably,” says Gabriele Renner from Ulm. Her company, pervormance international, is already a pioneer and market leader in functional cooling clothing. The Ulm-based company’s development department discovered that the temperature at which brown fat becomes active is significantly higher. The body therefore does not need a cold shock. This has since been confirmed by international scientists. The company has also developed smart, cooling functional clothing under the SlimCOOL brand, such as: elasticated Belly belts, adjustable chaps for the buttocks and thighs, boots for the calves and arm coolers for the “bingo wings” to get rid of the fat pads on the body. The cooling technology integrated into these products consists of a specially developed three-dimensional high-tech fleece that, when activated with water, achieves cooling energy of approx. 660 watt hours. The beauty of it: Compared to other cooling technologies, the material is pleasantly cool, dry and can be washed and worn like functional sports clothing. “We tried out the first prototypes in a heroic self-experiment with our employees,” reports Gabriele Renner with a laugh. The success proved the entrepreneur right. The abdominal circumference was reduced in all test subjects and even the skin – keyword: cellulite – was clearly tighter.

Brown fat is good fat

According to scientific research, the areas of the body where brown fat is located are on the shoulders and neck as well as the breastbone and on the sides of the upper part of the spine.
That’s why a T-shirt and a scarf were developed. This allows you to reach exactly these areas. “Activate the T-shirt and scarf briefly with water, roll it up in a towel, dry it off – done,” says Sabine Stein, explaining the easy application.

The practical study

The positive response to the initial examinations has now been followed up with a practical study on women between the ages of 36 and 54 under the medical supervision of Dr. Karin Kunzi-Rapp, scientist and head of the dermatology department at the AREION Competence Center for Medicine and Aesthetics, confirms this. The results were good to very good for 78 percent of the participants. The front runner was a test subject with 10 to 13 centimeters less on her stomach or waist. On average, after four weeks of targeted cooling for an hour every two days, the circumference decreased by around four centimeters. There was also evidence in the study that the water and fat levels in the body were improved and the skin’s appearance was smoother and firmer. Auch empfanden 88 Prozent die Kühltemperatur als angenehm. “The advantage of the method is that it is independent of location and time. You don’t have to make appointments. At 30 to 60 minutes every one or two days, the effort is also very manageable. In addition, the products are affordable and you can take them anywhere, says Dr. Kunzi-Rapp summarized the results of the study.

Great response

Based on this study, it is clear that “SlimCOOL is the coolest stomach, legs and bottom program in the world for targeted weight loss,” says Gabriele Renner, delighted with its success. “The response to our SlimCOOL functional clothing has been very great, the women are enthusiastic. Interest and demand are high,” says the managing director of pervormance international. The creators even designed the advertising campaign for SlimCOOL themselves. “We didn’t want to show supermodels who already have perfect figures, but rather women like us. After all, SlimCOOL is a product by women for women,” says Sabine Stein, also the company’s managing director, and is visibly proud of the attractive images.

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