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General questions

SlimCOOL is a globally recognized bodyforming process that activates brown fat through pleasant cooling with 660 watts and can cool away pockets of fat specifically in problem areas.

The method is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have to deal with problem areas such as riding trousers or the pads on their stomach, legs, hips and buttocks and would like to get rid of a few pads of fat in a gentle, natural way at home.

– without any time expenditure

– without waiver

– without treatments in a studio

– without surgery

Based on our experience and previous studies, we recommend at least 1 hour on at least 5 days a week over a period of 4-6 weeks. And then whenever you feel the need for it again.

SlimCOOL only works with water. Since it is a purely physical cooling effect with 2600 KJ/L (= 660 WATT) cooling power, you just have to make sure there is enough air exchange and temperatures of around 4-6°C lower will automatically set on your skin ensure that brown fat is formed and that the fat deposits gradually “melt away” centrally or regionally, depending on the product.

To further boost your metabolism, we recommend drinking 2-3 glasses of still water after each cooling session – preferably with lemon or grapefruit. This also purifies.

Brown fat is not only responsible for your figure. According to scientific studies, more brown fat also means better sugar and cholesterol levels. The loss of brown fat function may therefore also be partly responsible for obesity and metabolic diseases such as diabetes or atherosclerosis. So by cooling you are also doing something for your health. New studies also show that cooling has a positive effect on the microbiome in the gut and therefore also on the immune system.

Product questions

In application studies, there was evidence in some women that the skin texture became smoother and cellulite became less visible.

The logical explanation: The more white fat the cells store, the greater the pressure they exert on the surrounding tissue.

If the connective tissue is also weak, the cells push through on the surface of the skin.

Result: Unsightly dents called “cellulite”. So: fewer fat cells – less cellulite. Could be…we’ll stay tuned!

The reports show that cooling the calves also has positive effects on vein problems and varicose vein problems.

You know the topic of “calf wraps” or many people put a bucket of cold water under their desk for their legs in summer.

With the boots you have the dry and mobile version of this: cooling to go.

Also “highly” recommended after a day or evening in high heels…

– without any time expenditure

– without waiver

– without treatments in a studio

– without surgery

You get visually more beautiful upper arms, smoother skin and a more harmonious complexion.

Some users also report that the small dimples to the right and left of the breasts are reduced by the cooling effect when the arms are on – which makes us particularly happy for the bikini season.

To activate brown fat, you need a certain total cooling surface.

That’s why it’s important that you combine the PowerArms with a T-shirt, for example, to achieve optimal cooling effect.

Based on our experience and previous studies, we recommend at least 1 hour on at least 5 days a week over a period of at least 4 weeks.

But you can of course wear the PowerArms for longer every day.

However, if you want to activate brown fat specifically, you should always combine the PowerArms with the T-shirt. This is the only way to achieve the total cooling surface required for brown fat activation.

Of course, the kidneys at the back of the ShapeBelt remain free of cooling. For your health!

No. You can slimcool whenever and wherever you want. This works at home, but also works well under loose clothing in the office. Just don’t sweat.

However, our experience shows that it is best to plan your SlimCOOL “treatment” into your daily routine. And then stick with it! After a few days, SlimCOOL has become a nice habit.

Wash your SlimCOOL products separately.

We recommend hand washing or wool washing without the spin function at 30°C with the special detergent DEOXX ecowash developed for E.COOLINE cooling function textiles or another pH-neutral liquid detergent. Rinse well with clean water. Do not use fabric softener, spin dryer or tumble dryer.

Complete drying: Simply let it hang in the room in the fresh air for 1-3 days.

Application questions

Cooling helps you lose weight. This is scientifically proven. To make cooling as comfortable and at the same time as effective as possible, SlimCOOL cooling technology was built into clothing.

This cooling shapewear cools you effectively with 660 watts and approx. 18 to 20 °C. At this temperature, the activation of brown fat is scientifically proven. This in turn stimulates fat burning.

While using SlimCOOL you can go about your everyday activities. You can move freely, but you should definitely not sweat, otherwise not enough brown fat will form.

You can work at your desk, make phone calls, write emails, read a book, iron – whatever you want…

– without any time expenditure

– without waiver

– without treatments in a studio

– without surgery

Please drink 2-3 glasses of still water after each use.

You will achieve the best effects if you SlimCOOL for 60 minutes or longer every day for 4 to 6 weeks.

Do you have an event in a few days and the dress is a bit tight? Or have you gone a bit overboard and feasted? You can also compensate for this with SlimCOOL.

Use the body shaping procedure for 1 to 2 hours every day whenever you feel like you should do something good for your figure.

No, you don’t have to change your diet. However, for the sake of your health, you should always pay attention to a healthy, balanced diet.

SlimCOOL is a healthy and completely pain-free body shaping method. You simply put on the cooling shapewear to activate fat burning.

The cooling, which is based on the natural principle of evaporative cooling with a cooling capacity of 660 watts, is only felt at the start of use.

After a short time you will hardly notice the cooling. Only people who are very sensitive to the cold will feel the cooling a little more clearly on cold days.

Every body has its own metabolism. Therefore, every body shows the first results individually. However, studies show that for most people the first results are visible or noticeable after two weeks.

No. The SlimCOOL application works on the side – while working at your desk, making phone calls, writing emails, reading a book, ironing whatever you want… And activating the products is done in seconds.

Based on our experience and previous studies, we recommend at least 1 hour on at least 5 days a week over a period of 4-6 weeks.

No. There are only positive side effects, as cooling, in addition to the figure effects, improves sugar and fat metabolism and the immune system.

SlimCOOL is not only effective, independent of time and place, but also very simple. The products are activated under the tap with water in seconds.

Squeeze out the product lightly and simply roll it up in a towel or dry it with paper towels on the outside. Done!

You can use it like this.

But you can also boost the whole thing by leaving it for about 30 minutes. Place in the refrigerator. Then simply 60 min. or dress longer and go about your everyday life as before.

First, localize your problem areas and define your goals. Then select the appropriate SlimCOOL products, activate them in a few seconds according to the instructions and put them on.

You should then slimcool for 60 minutes or longer every day or every 2nd day. At home, or wherever and whenever you have time – in the home office, doing housework or relaxing… The only thing you shouldn’t do is break a sweat.

So: No sports during use.

Brown fat

A special form of fatty tissue that produces heat through thermogenesis (oxidation of fatty acids).

On the shoulder, the sternum and laterally on the upper part of the spine.

Based on our experience and previous studies, we recommend at least 1 hour on at least 5 days a week.

Thermogenesis uses energy, i.e. calories. How many calories you burn depends on your metabolism, your initial weight and the intensity and regularity of the cooling used.

In the heat, our brown – the “good” – fatty tissue no longer functions properly.

This is actually responsible for burning off excess energy from food and converting it into heat. What happens?

We store the energy as depot fat, become fatter and at some point – sooner rather than later – develop secondary diseases such as diabetes.

With the current global warming, this could mean:

More weight and less health.

Any questions left?
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