In our SlimCOOL blog you will find all the studies and facts on the topic of “Slim through cooling”.

Attacking fat cells with cold – that’s the trend. Hollywood stars have known this for a long time. The new, scientifically recognized method is also becoming increasingly popular in this country. This means you can simply cool down unwanted fat deposits. Even the stubborn ones who just don’t want to budge with exercise and diet.

There are now many different procedures known as cryolipolysis. Since most of the methods – squeezing belly fat between metal plates and then removing it with ice, ice baths or cryosaunas – were definitely too unpleasant, too expensive and/or too cold for us, we developed SlimCOOL. With the cooling shapewear you can easily get slim at home. Pleasant, but extremely effective and based on scientific results and positive experiences from metabolism research.

No matter whether your problem area is on the stomach, hips, thighs or arms – in our blog we explain to you why you can lose weight with cold, what methods there are, what role “brown fat” plays and how You can achieve your dream figure with the new SlimCOOL products. Without risks and side effects. But with positive effects for your sugar and fat metabolism and for your immune system.

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