What do we actually know about our body fat? Would you have thought that we not only have white fat cells in our body, but also brown fat cells that make us healthier and do good when activated with cooling?

The “fat expert” Prof. Dr. Alexander Bartelt explains everything else you should know about your fat and how you can improve your sugar and fat metabolism with cooling.

With his research, the biomedical scientist shows us what we need to do to get the best out of our fat!




First, localize your problem areas and define your goals. Then select the appropriate SlimCOOL products, activate them in a few seconds according to the instructions and put them on.

You should then slimcool for 60 minutes or longer every day or every 2nd day. At home, or wherever and whenever you have time - in your home office, doing housework or relaxing.... The only thing you shouldn't do is break a sweat.

So: No sports during the application.

SlimCOOL is a healthy and completely pain-free body shaping method. You simply put on the cooling shapewear to activate fat burning.

The cooling, which is based on the natural principle of evaporative cooling with a cooling capacity of 660 watts, is only felt at the start of use.

After a short time you will hardly notice the cooling. Only people who are very sensitive to the cold will feel the cooling a little more clearly on cold days.

Every body has its own metabolism. Therefore, every body shows the first results individually. However, studies show that for most people the first results are visible or noticeable after two weeks.

SlimCOOL is not only effective, independent of time and place, but also very simple. The products are activated under the tap with water in seconds.

Squeeze out the product lightly and simply roll it up in a towel or dry it with paper towels on the outside. Done!

You can use it like this.

But you can also boost the whole thing by leaving it on for about 30 minutes. Place in the refrigerator. Then simply 60 min. or longer and continue your everyday life as before.

Brown fat is not only responsible for your figure. According to scientific studies, more brown fat also means better sugar and cholesterol levels.

The loss of brown fat function may therefore also be partly responsible for obesity and metabolic diseases such as diabetes or atherosclerosis.

So by cooling you are also doing something for your health.

New studies also show that cooling has a positive effect on the microbiome in the gut and therefore also on the immune system.

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