Do you also know those annyoing fat pads that just won’t go away – no matter what diet or workout you do? Until now, there were exactly two solutions: Acceptance or surgery.

The good news is that both are finally a thing of the past. You don’t have to put up with your sloppy bottom or the pads on your stomach, legs, hips and bottom, nor do you have to risk surgery to say goodbye to your problem areas. With SlimCOOL you can now simply cool away those unwanted fat deposits. You can easily use this modern body shaping method at home without treatment in a studio. It is pleasant and completely painless.




First, localize your problem areas and define your goals. Then select the appropriate SlimCOOL products, activate them in a few seconds according to the instructions and put them on.

You should then slimcool for 60 minutes or longer every day or every 2nd day. At home, or wherever and whenever you have time - in your home office, doing housework or relaxing.... The only thing you shouldn't do is break a sweat.

So: No sports during the application.

A special form of fatty tissue that produces heat through thermogenesis (oxidation of fatty acids).

On the shoulder, the sternum and laterally on the upper part of the spine.

Based on our experience and previous studies, we recommend at least 1 hour on at least 5 days a week.

In the heat, our brown - the "good" - fatty tissue no longer functions properly.

This is actually responsible for burning off excess energy from food and converting it into heat. What happens?

We store the energy as depot fat, become fatter and at some point - sooner rather than later - develop secondary diseases such as diabetes.

With the current global warming, this could mean:

More weight and less health.

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