Do you finally want to get rid of the riding pants on your thighs or the unwanted pads on the inside of your thighs, hips or buttocks? And that without a diet or even a scalpel?

With SlimCOOL you can now tackle stubborn fat deposits that even diets or intensive sports sessions have previously been unable to address. The new bodyforming process helps you cool off a few centimeters in a relaxed manner and in a short amount of time. At home, or wherever and whenever you have time. The method is pleasant and completely painless. You’ll soon be able to fit into your favorite jeans again and at the same time you’ll improve your sugar and fat metabolism.




First, localize your problem areas and define your goals. Then select the appropriate SlimCOOL products, activate them in a few seconds according to the instructions and put them on.

You should then slimcool for 60 minutes or longer every day or every 2nd day. At home, or wherever and whenever you have time - in your home office, doing housework or relaxing.... The only thing you shouldn't do is break a sweat.

So: No sports during the application.

Based on our experience and previous studies, we recommend using SlimCOOL products for at least 1 hour on at least 4-5 days a week over a period of 4-6 weeks.

Every body has its own metabolism. Therefore, every body shows the first results individually. However, studies show that for most people the first results are visible or noticeable after two weeks.

The reports show that cooling the calves also has positive effects on vein problems and varicose vein problems.

You know the topic of “calf wraps” or many people put a bucket of cold water under their desk for their legs in summer.

With the boots you have the dry and mobile version of this: cooling to go.

Also “highly” recommended after a day or evening in high heels.

SlimCOOL is not only effective, independent of time and place, but also very simple. The products are activated under the tap with water in seconds.

Squeeze out the product lightly and simply roll it up in a towel or dry it with paper towels on the outside. Done!

You can use it like this.

But you can also boost the whole thing by leaving it on for about 30 minutes. Place in the refrigerator. Then simply 60 min. or longer and continue your everyday life as before.

In application studies, there was evidence in some women that the skin texture became smoother and cellulite became less visible.

The logical explanation: The more white fat the cells store, the greater the pressure they exert on the surrounding tissue.

If the connective tissue is also weak, the cells push through on the surface of the skin.

Result: Unsightly dents called “cellulite”. So: fewer fat cells – less cellulite. Could be...we'll stay tuned!

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