Can you build muscle with cooling?

Studies provide promising information

It has now been scientifically proven that cold helps you lose weight, and the fact that SlimCOOL CryoShapewear can help cool off pockets of fat in a pleasant way may no longer be news to some people. But can you also build muscles with cooling? And does it also work with cooling clothing? A study by the University of Bonn shows: Yes, that is possible. And the reason for this is once again – brown fat.

Cells carry numerous “antennae” – so-called receptors – on their surface. These receptors trigger certain reactions in the cell. One of these antennae is the A2B receptor. The surfaces of brown adipose tissue cells, for example, are littered with A2B receptors. The Bonn study has now taken a closer look at the A2B receptors in brown adipose tissue in mice. The discovery: The more A2B a mouse produces, i.e. the more brown adipose tissue it has, the more heat it generates. This in turn ensures that fat burning is increased. So far, so good. But a second observation was even more exciting: despite their increased fat burning, the animals hardly weighed less than mice with fewer receptors. The researchers’ conclusion. They are slimmer, but at the same time have more muscle.

Why is that?

This indicates that the more brown fat the body has, the more fat is burned and the more muscle is built up. Brown fat is the “good” fat in our body. It is essential for survival as it keeps the body warm in cold weather. The “power plants” in brown fat need a lot of energy for this process. Das holt das braune Fett aus dem weißen Fettdepot und verbrennt dadurch Kalorien.

Build more muscle with cooling clothing?

This in turn also means that cooling shapewear from SlimCOOL could not only help you lose weight, but also tone your body and build muscle. And it’s more or less on the side. The innovative thing about SlimCOOL is that you can wear a T-shirt, belt etc. while doing other things. In the home office, while hanging out the washing, reading or even shopping. Wearing CryoShapewear is completely painless. The cooling clothing is made of high-tech COOLINE SX3 fleece. It is briefly soaked in water and has the property of binding the water inside in a matter of seconds. The outer material dries quickly. Due to the normal heat development of our body and the large surface area, the water molecules bound in the 3D fleece material evaporate. The garment cools to a pleasant temperature of approx. 18-20 degrees. It has been scientifically proven that brown fat is activated at this temperature.

Admittedly: This probably doesn’t mean that after a few weeks of wearing shapewear you’ll be as toned as a bodybuilder. Ideally, SlimCOOL clothing should be combined with a healthy lifestyle. However, the Bonn study shows that cooling clothing not only cools down fat deposits, but can also have a supportive sculpting effect – which is particularly exciting for all those who do weight training and fitness.

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