Hollywood stars knew it for a long time. Cold makes you slim. Cold chambers with -100°C or vacuum devices with freezing temperatures and much more are often used. However, many common cooling methods either have side effects or are complex and expensive.

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That’s why SlimCOOL was developed. A cooling method that anyone can easily use at home – depending on their mood. With a temperature that cools effectively but is still comfortable. Since pervormance international initially relied on its own examinations and tests when developing SlimCOOL, a practical study under medical supervision should now determine how SlimCOOL works for women between the ages of 36 and 54.

4 week test

For this purpose, 10 female test subjects were initially selected to undergo a 4-week test of the SlimCOOL products under the medical supervision of Dr. Kunzi-Rapp in the AREION practice center in Neu-Ulm.

They were between 36 and 54 years old and weighed between 56.7kg and 88.1kg with a height of 1.60m – 1.80m.

This practical study was not primarily about losing weight, as is the case in most scientific studies on the subject of cooling, but primarily about losing fat on the stomach and waist and, if necessary. on the thigh and to examine the effect on the skin’s appearance.

Since there have already been studies on the efficiency of upper body cooling, the SlimCOOL chaps and the waist belt were used in this study.

At the beginning of the study, AREION practice under the supervision of Dr. Karin Kunzi-Rapp measured certain parameters of all test participants, such as age, height and weight, as well as the fat percentage, the water percentage and the waist circumference and the circumference of the thighs. All test participants were instructed in the activation, handling and use of the products.

Circumference reduction up to 10 cm

At the end of the 4 weeks, all participants were invited back to the practice and the corresponding parameters were measured again. With success!

The results of the measurements in the practical study were good to very good for 78% of the participants.

The frontrunner was a tester with a 9-10 cm reduction in the circumference of her stomach and waist. In addition, the water and fat content in her body was significantly improved and, according to her, her skin was smoother and firmer. For example, the questionnaire also asked whether the participants ate more than usual during the test weeks. In the case of the “9-10 cm” this was the case: “Several barbecues and paella meals”. Incredible!

But that was no exception: most of the other testers also had a positive effect in at least 3 of the 5 circumference parameters.

However, the rest of their lifestyle was not changed.

Working, partying, everything was as usual.

This makes it clear: SlimCOOL works.

Not just with cooling on the upper body, but also with cooling at the “place of action”, i.e. the fat pad itself.

The waist belt and the chaps have proven it.

A side effect: When it was quite hot for a few days, the testers didn’t sweat as much!

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