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Cooling helps you lose weight. This has been scientifically proven in many studies.
So that you don’t have to bathe in ice, we have developed SlimCOOL technology and easily integrated it into clothing. This means that T-shirts etc. cool effectively with 660 watts and approx. 18-20°C. At this temperature, brown fat is scientifically proven to be activated and you will lose weight. Simply put it on and beautify your figure in a relaxed manner at home or wherever and whenever you have time.

In English they are called “Bingo wings” and in Germany too, upper arms, which at some point say goodbye to the shape of the arms, are not particularly popular. So of course we thought about something for that too. Even if it is not a “simple fat problem”, less fat would also be visually advantageous here. We think!

However, in this case it is also important that you use the SlimCOOL PowerArms, e.g. B. combine with the SlimCOOL PowerShirt to achieve an optimal cooling effect so that the total cooling surface is large enough.

Simply charge with 0.25 liters of tap water for 5 to 10 seconds, dry off and put on.

So simply measure the circumference, select the size and order!


Further information about SlimCOOL can be found at


Material: Outer material: 100% polyester; Mesh material: 82% polyester / 18% elastane; Filling: 100% COOLINE polyester


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