Staying young – thanks to cold?

Reduce your biological age with SlimCOOL

You are only as old as you feel. That’s right! And if you want to feel young despite the ever-increasing number of candles on your birthday cake, you can rely on cold therapy and SlimCOOL. The female start-up offers cooling shapewear that not only makes you slimmer – but also keeps your metabolism going in a particularly pleasant way. And thus makes a significant contribution to keeping the body fit and youthful.

What is biological age?

What exactly is biological age? It is the sum of your calendar age in combination with your individual physical and mental constitution. Factors such as eating habits and personal lifestyle, genetics and mental well-being – but also and above all metabolism influence biological age. And so it may well be that the biological age does not correspond to the calendar age.

Cooling can have a positive effect on biological age

What’s more: it also means that you can have a positive influence on your biological age. At least partly. Genetic predispositions to cardiovascular diseases, elevated blood pressure and poor cholesterol levels can hardly be changed. However, increased risks of age-related common diseases can be curbed – on the one hand through diet and exercise, and on the other hand through cooling.

What brown fat has to do with it

Targeted cooling activates the good, brown fat. Professor Michael Symonds at the University of Nottingham, among others, was able to prove this in his studies. Brown fat has long been said to have positive effects on the metabolism. In contrast to the much more common white storage fat, brown fat burns energy – in the form of heat. Babies and small children in particular use brown adipose tissue to maintain their body temperature. And, in a Vienna study published in the Clinical Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, the top journal of the Endocrine Society, people with active brown adipose tissue had higher levels of anti-inflammatory fatty acids, while some of the harmful fatty acids known to contribute to diabetes or heart disease were lower.

Pleasant cooling effect with shapewear from SlimCOOL

In short: a high proportion of brown fat = an active metabolism and more protection against age-related diseases. Does this mean that we now have to take daily ice baths to keep our biological age down?

No. It is easier. With SlimCOOL. Cooling shapewear is available for almost all parts of the body. All products are made of soft, padded, high-tech COOLINE SX3 fleece. It has the property of binding the water inside in a matter of seconds. The outer material dries quickly. Due to the normal heat development of our body and the large surface area, the water molecules bound in the 3D fleece material evaporate. The garment cools to a pleasant temperature of approx. 18-20 degrees. It has been scientifically proven that brown fat is activated at this temperature. The body switches into calorie-burning mode. Completely painless and without unpleasant side effects. At best, SlimCOOL shapewear should be worn for one hour or more per day. While doing housework or working from home, shopping or driving. In other words: with SlimCOOL we can lower our biological age – while we hang out the washing. How ingenious is that?

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