Study shows: CryoShapewear melts fat cells naturally

University of Nottingham proves BAT increase of CryoShapewear

It’s no longer a secret: cold melts our love handles. For good reason, celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey rely on elaborate apparatus-based cooling methods. However, these methods are usually expensive, often painful and have side effects. But it is much more relaxed and above all painless! The new cooling CryoShapewear melts fat deposits in a gentle, natural but effective way. This has now been proven by an independent study by the University of Nottingham.

What exactly was examined?

In the study, which was conducted under the direction of Professor Michael Symonds at the University of Nottingham, the team investigated the extent to which wearing SlimCOOL’s cooling shapewear lowers body temperature – and thus activates brown fat. Background: The body has two types of fat. The white, undesirable fat and the brown, “good” fat. The latter serves to regulate the body’s temperature and is essential for survival. If our body is exposed to cold, the brown fat draws energy from the white fat cells to keep the body warm and protect important organs, for example. Calories are burned in this way. With CryoShapewear, brown fat can be activated and this condition can be achieved effectively but naturally – even at rest, at home and without any physical exertion.

How the study went

Of course, this only works if the body temperature is lowered sufficiently to activate brown fat and start breaking down calories. This is exactly what the University of Nottingham study looked at. The study participants sat in an upright position for 15 minutes in a room heated to 22 degrees, wearing loose clothing, in front of a special infrared camera that is able to visualize brown fat in the body using special software. First, the test subjects were measured without cooling. In the second trial, they wore the CryoShapewear from SlimCOOL and it was recorded whether wearing it led to activation and visibility of the brown fat cells.

And the result of the study?

The infrared camera developed for this purpose in the study situation has shown: Wearing CryoShapewear leads to an immediate increase in temperature in the measured areas – and thus to a temporary activation of brown adipose tissue. The increase becomes clearer the longer you wear the clothing. Wearing it for about an hour burns enough calories and reduces white fat to see significant effects of 2-4 cm after about 2-4 weeks, as another study has shown.

You can choose the body region: The ShapeBelt for the stomach and hips, ShapePants for the thighs and bottom or PowerArmcooler for the upper arms. The whole thing works without sport or diet.

Bye, bye broccoli!

No question: you can promote the effect of SlimCOOL by paying attention to a healthy lifestyle and also incorporating moderate exercise and a gentle sports routine into your everyday life. But now it has been scientifically confirmed: Exclusively nibbling on broccoli and daily sweaty gym sessions are not absolutely necessary for a beautiful, slim silhouette. All you need to do to burn fat is wear CryoShapewear from SlimCOOL regularly – while driving, shopping or watching your favorite TV series. And that’s the best news of the day, isn’t it?

The special feature of the shapewear is the patented COOLINE SX3 material. It is briefly immersed in water and has the property of binding the water molecules inside in a matter of seconds. The outer material dries quickly. Due to the normal heat development of our body and the large surface area, the water molecules bound in the 3D fleece material evaporate. The garment cools to a pleasant temperature of approx. 18-20 degrees. According to the University of Nottingham, this is enough to activate brown fat and lose a few calories and weight at the same time.

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