3D HIGH-TECH – The climate-neutral cooling system with COOLINE SX3 technology

Before SlimCOOL, our company already had years of experience in the field of functional cooling clothing. The 3D high-tech fleece in our SlimCOOL products has already proven itself well in other areas in recent years.

Due to its excellent performance, this material is used by leading companies in the field of health protection in heat-stressed workplaces, in clinics and by doctors in the neurological field such as multiple sclerosis and also in the summer in the leisure and sports sector such as by top athletes such as the Deutsche Leichtathletikverband to promote performance.
Of course, the material is washable and has an antibacterial treatment with DEOXX fresh for hygiene reasons. Find out more at www.e-cooline.com .

This high-tech quality is also used for cooling in SlimCOOL and you can easily cool away your love handles with SlimCOOL. The upper material is Oekotex 100 certified and the natural antibacterial silver finish DEOXX fresh is even used for allergy sufferers and neurodermatitis. This ensures optimum skin compatibility. Trust in our experience.

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