Freezing yourself slim – is that possible? A test by Modepilot

Losing weight with cold is trendy. That’s why celebrities and Hollywood stars swear by ice baths, cryolipolysis and cold chambers to stay slim. CryoShapewear from SlimCOOL proves that it is much easier and more pleasant. The cooling clothing cools effectively with 660 watts and approx. 18 to 20 °C. At this temperature, the activation of brown fat is scientifically proven. This stimulates fat burning and you lose weight, as studies show. This means you can work on your bikini figure while you’re at it – without exercise, without diet and without unpleasant side effects. In the office or home office. While shopping. Hanging out laundry or watching Netflix. At the same time, you are doing something for your health, as sugar and fat metabolism are also improved.

Margit Rüdiger tested pants for the buttocks and thighs as well as cuffs for the calves for Modepilot over four weeks and reduced the circumference by four centimeters on the thighs and an impressive 2.5 centimeters less on the calves.

Find out how her leg makeover went HERE.

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