We are super proud of our SlimCOOL® – Cooling simply to lose weight – campaign at Westwing. With a great discount offer, of course.

We admit that, like many women, we are avowed Westwing fans and that is why we are doubly pleased that our completely new technology, “Made in Germany” and climate-neutral, has started a cooperation with WESTWING.

There are also a few parallels between the two companies: WESTWING, like us, was founded by women who believe in their business idea and implement it with a lot of heart and passion. Like Westwing, pervormance international GmbH also started 10 years ago – initially with the first brand E.COOLINE, the air conditioning system that you can wear. From this we then developed the market for actively cooling clothing in the healthcare sector. The company goals are also similar: Westwing founder Delia Fischer and her mother had the vision of finding extraordinarily beautiful things that are not available everywhere, that also make life easier, make it more beautiful and bring joy.

That is also our aim: to feel comfortable and beautiful – but please without additional stress. After all, we all know only too well the challenge of balancing family, job and other everyday obligations. And that it is often impossible to exercise regularly or go to the gym. This is exactly why we developed SlimCOOL, the only cryotherapy for home use. This means that women can do “figure tuning” in a completely relaxed manner and without spending any additional time. Simply put on the CryoShapewear and get slim. At home, in the office or maybe even on vacation. Because with SlimCOOL, losing weight becomes one of the most beautiful things in the world. Our enthusiastic SlimCOOL users really appreciate this – and now so do many Westwing customers.

Both companies have gradually developed further and today we can all be proud of what we have created. Pure women power!

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